Welcome to the official sheople™ NFT

The first 1000 bundle holders will receive their share in 20% of all profits from sheople™ NFT Inc and will create the very first DAO; 10% will go to the first 100, then an additional 10% will be given to the next 900 holders.

The Packs of Cards


The Roadmap


Begin Building a Community

Website launch and presale for the official sheople™ NFT Bundle begins! We will begin our community building campaign to give 1000 packs of Sheepion™ NFT cards with a 1 in 10 chance to receive a LEGENDARY HERD pack! Whitelist tokens for packs of NFT cards and the official NFT Bundle whitelist tokens will be available for sale on our site during our pre-launch with pre-launch pricing in effect


First Official Bundle Milestone Giveaway

When we reach our first milestone of 100 Bundles sold, we will host a live AMA to giveaway 1ETH!


First Batch of Cards

Unveil our first full batch of Sheepion™ NFT cards including 5 separate collections!


Release Date for in-game Tokenomics and Staking!

We will go into much more detail as to what the tokenomics of our GRA$$ token will be and the ability to stake your cards!


Begin Our Giveaways when we reach certain sheople NFT Bundle Milestones

When we reach certain milestones in sheople NFT Bundle Sales, we will begin our giveaways with a prize pool of up to 7ETH!


Release White Paper for The Ultimate Shepherd

The white paper for the Ultimate Shepherd will officially be released!

Future Plans

Q4 of 2023 we will officially launch the play-to-earn game, "The Ultimate Shepherd"

  • Shirt

    Cop a Bundle

  • Trading Cards

    Get the Sheepion NFT Cards

  • Game Controller

    Play to Earn

  • 20%

    the first 1000 holders will form the DAO and will receive their share in 20% of all profits as long as they vote once per month

  • 10%

    placed in a trust for liquidity of our GRA$$ token

  • 10%

    donated to community voted charity

Join the Community

We are active 24/7 in our Discord. Please join us there for ongoing discussions and updates about the sheople™ NFT project.


Frequently asked questions